Track My Journey

You want to make your Holiday trip, Long road trip, or hike memorable forever? Track My Journey is your trip tracker traveling companion.
You can share your location with your friends with just one click or tag your favorite snaps to locations and many more.

Bonus Tip

Don’t forget to try our new cloud storage feature for FREE!

Simple UX Design

We are serious about mobile UX and an app should be simple. By simply clicking start and stop, you can track your entire journey. You will be amazed to see how simple this app is.

Offline Support

Worried that Track My Journey wouldn’t work when you are offline or in an area with no cell receptions? Using Offline GPS, Track My Journey will track your journey to the end of the world.

Cloud Storage

Don’t let your travel memories fade away!
Track My Journey cloud Storage is ready to save and protect all your data and memories in your cloud profile.

Track My Joureny Cloud Account

Try our new cloud feature!

Our brand new cloud feature will keep your memories safe forever, like a treasure chest.

We offer you 7 days free trial to check out Cloud Storage and other cool features.

With just a simple tap, we secure your data fast on the Google Cloud platform.

Have everything recorded online, so you will never have to worry about losing your data even if they get deleted from your local storage or your iPhone gets stolen.

Keep in touch with Track My Journey to enjoy new features from time to time like additional storage. We will grow with our popularity.

Main Features

Track My Journey is a simple GPS tracker app that is really easy to use. Nonetheless, we give you many unique and cool features you won’t get from anywhere else. Giving you the best experience is our priority.

Location Sharing

You can share your location with your friends, family, and loved ones instantly to let them know exactly where you are having so much fun.

Location Photos

Track My Journey will automatically tag the photos you take from the app to the locations so that you can have a memory lane of snaps of your every journey.

Developer Support

You can contact us anytime to share your concerns, opinions, ideas, or reviews with us. We appreciate your feedback and always try to improve our app to address your needs to amplify your traveling experience.

export journey
Export and Share trips

You can share your trips with others in different formats like shareable links or GPX. This feature will give you a chance to share your experience with anyone you like.

Cloud accounts

You can save everything in your cloud account so you don’t ever have to worry about losing any data.

Offline Tracking

Where’s the fun of the trip if you have to keep worrying about your internet connection?
The offline GPS module of Track My Journey will take care of everything even though you aren’t connected to the internet, so not a moment of your journey will be lost.

Common FAQ

Track My Journey app will track and save every trip you make, including daily jogging, biking trip, holiday road trip, or hike. It is perfect to track driving too.
Simply pressing the start button on the home screen, you can start recording your trip. Make sure to choose ‘Always Allow’ or ‘While Using the App’ for location permission so Track My Journey can track your locations. Do not force close your app while it is recording a current journey.
All of your journey data will be stored on your mobile phone. We recommend you create an online account and upload those data into cloud storage for better safekeeping.
If you want to delete a trip from your trip list in the mobile application, simply swipe right to left on the trip you want to delete. Log in to the online account to delete a trip from the online trip list.
Track My Journey app does not require an internet connection all the time to function. You can just press start, and the GPS will take care of the rest. We save you the trouble of being worried about the battery life or the internet connection. However, use an internet connection when available to get a more accurate tracking record.
You don’t need a cloud account because all your journey is recorded in the application memory on your mobile phone. However, in case your app has been deleted or your phone got stolen, your data will be lost. Therefore, it is always better to upload your data into an online account.
Cloud storages are expensive. At the moment, the demand for cloud accounts is not very high. Therefore, we cannot facilitate you with unlimited storage. But we assure you that we will increase the trip quota when our cloud account demand rises.
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There is no need to spend any bucks to have the Track My Journey application on your iPhone.
Yeah, Track My Journey is a toll-free app.
One more bonus tip!
When you have a Cloud Storage online account, you can enjoy 7 days trip storage for FREE.

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